Our Beginning

Being obedient to the Spirit of God, being a man of vision and seeing the need to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to an underserved community, Pastor Anthony G. Maclin of the Sanctuary at Kingdom Square (formerly the Glendale Baptist Church), solicited the assistance of the late Minister Herbert Clinton to search out a location where the Word of God could be proclaimed. On Sunday, May 30, 1999, at a specially called church Conference, Pastor Maclin and the congregation of the Sanctuary at Kingdom Square unanimously approved the leasing and renovation of the former "Rhythms" Nightclub located in the Dodge Plaza Shopping Center at 7752 Landover Road, Landover Maryland.
At a cost of $650,000, the former nightclub was renovated. On January 1, 2000 amid fireworks and in the presence of public officials, the Multicultural Worship Center (MWC) opened its doors for worship, witnessing and working in the Dodge Park neighborhood. MWC was geographically located where all cultures, nationalities and ethnicities can come together to worship. From the congregation of the Sanctuary, a birthing team of 22 individuals was formed to begin the process of taking the message of Jesus Christ to this economically and culturally diverse community.
At an Annual Church Conference on Monday, January 20, 2003, Pastor Anthony G. Maclin recommended that Minister Alexander J. Harrison, Sr. become a candidate for ordination and that Minister Harrison would also become the Pastoral Assistant at the Multicultural Worship Center, replacing Reverend Wendell Holmes, who would return to the Sanctuary to be the Pastoral Assistant to Pastor Maclin. In addition, on Monday, February 2, 2004, Pastor Maclin and the congregation of The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square voted to plant the Multicultural Worship Center as a stand-alone congregation.
On August 3, 2004, the Articles of Incorporation for the Multicultural Worship Center, Inc. was submitted and accepted by the State of Maryland, thereby recognizing the Multicultural Worship Center, Inc. as an independent entity. On Sunday, January 9, 2005, a special service was held by Pastor Anthony Maclin, and The Sanctuary, to formally plant the MWC as a stand-alone congregation.
In April of 2008, the MWC went to settlement on a six-acre piece of property in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, (the Brook) that is currently being used as a ministry center, but is also the site were plans are being made to erect a new worship facility.
The membership of the Multicultural Worship Center is looking forward to the time when God will allow us to make a full transition to the Brook. Until then, we will continue to serve God faithfully wherever he sends us. To God be the glory for the History of this ministry.
In December of 2010 the MWC moved from the Dodge Plaza facility, and is currently holding its worship services at the Brook Ministry Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.
Under the leadership, of then, Overseer William P. Cabell, the Multicultural Worship Center has through faith, grown spiritually, financially, and numerically. Pastor Cabell has instituted many ministries. They include the Women of Worth Ministry (WOW), the Men with Christ Ministry, the Girls Earnestly Moving towards the Savior Ministry (GEMS), the Married with Christ Ministry, the Athletic Ministry, the Praise Choir, the Ordained Praise Youth Choir, the Men's Choir, the Childrens Choir, Signs and Wonders Ministry, the Youth Ministry, the Mass Choir, the Infinity Dance Ministry, the Theatrical Ministry, and the SHARE food distribution program.