Audiovisual Ministry

The Audiovisual Ministry provides audiovisual services as requested for all church functions. This ministry is responsible for recording Sunday worship services, revivals, special services, programs, and other events. These services are recorded onto audio and videotapes. The tapes are used for evangelism, ministering to the sick and shut-in and are available to anyone wishing to purchase one for their continued growth and edification.

Blessings Will Come Fundraising Ministry
This Ministry consists of individuals willing to assist in identifying, planning and coordinating various activities to raise funds to support the church. In their efforts, they will strive to enhance the spiritual growth of its participants as well as promote church fellowship, unity and service to others.
Education Enhancement Ministry
The Education Enhancement Ministry researches and explores college opportunities and provides information and assistance in the college admissions process. This ministry also coordinates the process of awarding scholarships to eligible applicants. This ministry establishes the eligibility and award process guidelines, and organizes and facilitates activities to raise funds for scholarships.
Events Ministry
The Events Ministry facilitates and organizes all major church-wide events such as Resurrection Sunday, Watch Night Service, Community Day, church-wide cookouts and banquets. They take the leadership role in planning, supporting and advertising these special events and activities.
First Family Care Ministry
This First Family Care Ministry takes the leadership role in planning and providing support and encouragement for the Pastor and his family. This ministry serves the Pastor and the first family through prayer, encouraging words and deeds.
Hospitality Ministry
The Hospitality Ministry takes the initial lead in welcoming visitors and new members to Multicultural Worship Center. This ministry also gives the welcome at worship services, provides host and hostess support, and recognizes members on their birthdays and wedding anniversaries
Married With Christ Ministry
The Married with Christ Ministry is a support ministry designed to bring couples together to enjoy fellowship with other couples and to receive guidance through the word of God to help promote stability and growth in their marriages.
Medical Response Ministry
The Medical Response Ministry consists of trained men and women who assist individuals in worship services in cases of sudden illness or medical emergencies. The medical response personnel do not prescribe or dispense medication, but will administer basic first aid when the need arises. If necessary, they will also contact emergency personnel for transport to the hospital.
Men With Christ Ministry
The Men With Christ Ministry promotes fellowship and Christian growth among the men of the church by sponsoring spiritual and social events, prayer breakfasts, retreats, conferences, and other activities related to men issues.
Music and Creative Arts Ministry
The Music and Creative Arts Ministry is the oversight ministry for all choirs, instrumental and musical groups, and all creative and performing arts entities. This ministry promotes an atmosphere that encourages participants to reach their full musical, spiritual and creative arts potential by providing top-quality instruction, a positive atmosphere, and an orderly environment. The subordinate ministries include:
  • Infinity Dance Ministry
  • Signs & Wonders Ministry
  • Theatrical Ministry
  • Mass Choir
  • Men's Choir
  • Praise Choir
  • Women's Choir
  • Youth/Teen Choir
Public Relations Ministry
The Public Relations Ministry develops and implements tasks related to the dissemination of public information that is timely, accurate and supports the positive image of the Multicultural Worship Center. This ministry carries out their duties through the creation of press releases, commercials, flyers, posters, event booklets, pamphlets, door hangers, church newsletters, and other relevant material.
New Members Ministry
The New Members Ministry facilitates new members' transition to Multicultural Worship Center and encourages their active participation in the various ministries, church worship, and ministry activities.
Share Food Program
The Multicultural Worship Center participates in the SHARE food program which allows nonprofit organizations the ability to purchase groceries at a reduced price. For $22.00 anyone can receive a SHARE package full of fresh vegetables, fruits, staple items and frozen meats. The same amount of food would cost approximately $40.00 - $45.00 at the supermarket. Through the purchase of a SHARE package, participants can save 50%-60% on their groceries! For more information about the SHARE program or to place an order please contact Jennifer Shaw or go to
Shield of Protection Ministry
The "Shield of Protection" Ministry provides and maintains an environment of safety and security throughout the church during all worship services and ministry events.
Bold Anointed Singles (BAS) Ministry
The Bold Anointed Singles Ministry encourages Christian fellowship among individuals who are single. The ministry goals are: 1) to help single persons successfully develop a strong and consistent relationship with God, 2) To provide healthy and enriching opportunities for social and recreational activities, 3) To provide a foundation for a fulfilling life within the parameters of biblical standards and 4) to establish a forum where singles may address concerns and difficult issues.
Sunday School Ministry
The objectives of this ministry are to help lost souls to recognize, understand, and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and to nurture growth toward perfection (maturity) in Christ in all Christians. The Sunday School ministers the Word of God through study and systematic classroom instruction, plays, field trips, and other activities that promote spiritual growth.
Teens Anointed To Serve (T.A.T.S.) Ministry
Our goal for the Teens Ministry is to build an engaged ensemble of young people that are: radical, passionate, resilient and informed revolutionaries that will take the Gospel to the nations and multiply by teaching others to do the same.
Troops for God Ministry
The Troops For God Ministry is the oversight ministry for all church ministry efforts directed exclusively towards the youth. This ministry is designed to minister to the social, spiritual, and emotional needs of young people.
Women of Worth (WOW) Ministry
The Women of Worth (WOW) Ministry focuses on the spiritual development of the women in the church through prayer, retreats, group Bible study, rap sessions on women issues, and fellowship events and activities that reach out and support all women.